The West Manse

This manse was erected on land granted by George Traill in 1849 to the Sanday congregation of the Free Church of Scotland. The 1851 census shows it occupied by the Revd. Matthew Armour (Sanday's famous radical Free Kirk minister) and his family.

After standing empty for some years, the West Manse has recently become the home of Drs. Stephen and Ute Clackson, their daughter Aelfleda (4) and sons Wulfric (3) and baby Dunstan, who moved from Germany to Sanday in December 2000. The Clacksons run a technical translating business from their home, and thanks to the Internet have no trouble maintaining contact with their clients in Europe.

The page is taken with permission from "Sanday - the Millennium CD - a record of Sanday homes and families in the year 2000", produced by the Sanday Community Council.

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